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One of a Kind
  1. Warm Leather Satchel
    United States of America

    Warm Leather Satchel


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  2. Day Drifter Full Flap
    United States of America

    Day Drifter Full Flap


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  3. Day Drifter Half Flap
    United States of America

    Day Drifter Half Flap


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  1. Rugged Messenger Bag
    United States of America

    Rugged Messenger Bag


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The Black Book Collection by JG
the world’s finest hotels, resorts, villas,
tour operators, cruises & yachts.

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Our goal is to give back to local communities around the world by supporting artisans and entrepreneurs who are creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each of the items in the collection tells a story of the artist who created it, the culture it represents...
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