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Rugged Messenger Bag

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On the hunt for the perfect men’s bag? My partner, who is a frequent business traveler, is always searching for a great bag to carry his laptop and other essentials. These attractive leather satchels are authentic, original and rustic—think Indiana Jones—and caught his eye at a market in New York City. Containing lots of pockets to hold all sorts of items, as well as rain-resistant compartments which are ideal for laptops, they are incredibly durable and user-friendly, ideal for the modern adventurer.  Perfect for the stylish traveler.  -JG

This handcrafted leather messenger bag features an over-the-shoulder strap with an adjustable buckle closure. Durable and long lasting. 14” x 14” Please note that each handcrafted bag is one of a kind and natural tone of leather will vary.

This item will ship within 2-5 business days. Your product will be hand-packed with great care by our team of shipping experts using unique packaging created exclusively for The Traveler's Collection. Eco-friendly materials are used whenever possible.

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This vendor creates products that combine a love of nature, world history and travel. The handmade leather journals, artist sketch books and satchels are handcrafted one at a time. The journals contain premium quality handmade linen parchment that passes strict PH-acidity marker test and is wonderful for all types of media such as watercolors, fountain pens or any type of pencils and ballpoint pens. The satchels are rugged, durable and have multiple pockets which make them ideal for traveling, as well as rainproof interior compartments to protect laptops or other electronics from the elements.




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