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Red Lost Wax Necklace

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I met Gemini Desai on my first trip to Kenya, when I visited the shop in her home. Her jewelry is lovely, and I was so intrigued by her and the stories behind each piece, I had to make them part of our collection. She’s a local star, who gives back to her community by employing and training artisans. Whether made of metal, bone, silver or glass, the jewelry is as original as Gemini herself. Some she designs and others she’s collected in her own travels—all here now for you to enjoy.  -JG

This necklace features "Lost Wax", an ancient African art form in which brass is set into two molds - a clay mold and a wax mold. Once the metal sets, the mold is fired and the wax melts and escapes, leaving behind the clay mold thus called "lost wax". The Asante culture of West Africa abounds with "lost wax" jewelery, very often reserved for the "oba" or chief. Semi-precious stones have been added for effect. 44" long.

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Gemini Desai is a Kenyan-born jewelry designer who turned a life-long hobby into a thriving business. She gives back to her community by helping the less fortunate with her profits and helps rehabilitate street children in Kenya by teaching them the skills to make craft items. In addition, she employs single mothers and has taught them the art of making fine jewelry. Desai travels the world in search of beads, rare and premium.




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