While following fashion trends is fabulously fun, keeping up with the newest style can be like gambling: an addictive, wallet-depleting game. Contagiously dominating the runway, the great thing about this spring’s fashion fad is its timelessness and versatility. Stripes have been in, are in, and will always be in. No need to throw, sell, or donate to the thrift shop. #Winning!

Lucky for you, The Traveler’s Collection has the perfectly playful accessory to add to your linear ensemble. The ultimate travel tote, the striped Zipper Bag from Italy, folds into a small and stylish zip up bag. If you don’t need it on board your flight, pack the conveniently compact bag in your luggage and simply unfold when you’re ready to sport your sassy stripes!

Stylish travels!

-the team at The Traveler’s Collection


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